1- AKG L422 stereo mic
2- AKG solid tube mics
2-AKG- C12's - (factory matched set)
2- AKG -C414-ULS mics
6- AKG C414 mics
1-Electro Voice RE38N/D
2- Electro Voice RE20's
1- Electro Voice RE27
1- Electro Voice LOZ cardioid 1750
1- Audio Technica AMT23HE
1 Audio Technica AMT 25
1 Audio Technica pro 70 lavalier mike
1-Sure Beta 52
14- Sure SM57's
6- Sennheiser 421's
2- Neumann U87 mics
1-Crown PZM 30D
1-Green Bullet harmonica mic
Beyer Dynamic- microphone clip on tom, snare and kick drum mics (matched set)
The Esopus Creek in beautiful Mount Tremper
We Accept

Sonart's Microphone Collection
We Accept
1-Royer R10- ribbon mic